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Sexual Health Education

with a focus on South Asian LGBTQ+ communities


This program's key focus is to help gay, bi, and queer men from South Asian and related coomunites to ensure they can access services and resources needed for their wellbeing. This is done through ongoing training and education in sexual health, one on one support, and outreach at spaces frequented by our community members.   



  • Education and training for newcomers and community members on sexual health, testing, PrEP/PEP access and overall wellbeing. 

  • Outreach to create awareness and distribution of safer sex materials.  

  • Creation of safe spaces to create relationships and support systems.  


  • Referrals to create access for all community members. 



  • Community events


  • Workshops for community members 

  • Health forums 

  • Capacity Building: Service Providers 

  • Multilingual Sexual Health Resources 

  • Referrals: internal and external 

  • One-on-one Support 

  • Free Condoms & Lube 

  • Outreach at community events / Pride / bars / social gatherings 

For more information and registration:
+1 (416) 729 8331

Timeline Ongoing

Funder Ontario Ministry of Health

For Gay, bi, and queer men from South Asia and related communities.

Languages Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Punjabi, Gujrati, Marathi, and a few other South Asian languages (based on availability of volunteers)  

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