Reinforcing our Commitment

multiple meanings, such as “to be at rest”, “to feel comfort”, and “to have peace of mind”.

In Kurdish, the word means “no limitation”, “absolute power”, “leader” and “to have authority”

In Farsi, the word means “to be free”

In Hindi, the word means “pathway”

A simple word with empowering, yet comforting meanings.


The “RA” in the word, the R rolls off your tongue to show energy and being lifted-up spiritually and emotionally. Ra is also the name of the sun god in ancient Egypt, representing enlightenment.

The “Ha” in the word comes from deep inside the lungs, like exhaling, demonstrating the feeling of being relaxed and letting go.

The RAHA program at ASAAP, will be a program that focuses on the Middle Eastern community living with or affected by HIV and AIDS.


We offer:

  1. Support groups in English (coming soon)

  2. One on one peer support

  3. Mindfulness sessions

  4. Financial aid for members

  5. Groups for MSM support

  6. Annual retreat

  7. Sensitivity training of Middle Eastern cultures within other organizations


    Language, translation, and literacy support in Arabic and Farsi

For more information, or if you would like to book an appointment please email:


Moe Chebaklo (He/Him): RAHA Program Coordinator & CHAMP Navigator (Arabic)
Email: champnavigatorme@asaap.ca     T:+1 (416) 996 3554


Behzad Mohseni (He/Him) CHAMP Navigator (Farsi & Turkish)

Email: champfarsi@asaap.ca     T:+1 (416) 821 6271