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CHAMP is an evidence-based stigma reduction intervention. It is made up of 2 key components:


  • Acceptance commitment training that promotes psycho-flexibility in addressing mental stressors and stigma.  

  • Social justice capacity building that builds skills in community mobilization to address systemic barriers to social determinants of health. 


The project uses a train-the-trainer model to build capacity and community of practice. 

The program is designed as a self-learning online module to discuss: 


  • Personal and Group Goals 

  • Experiences of Stigma in Our Lives 

  • Mindfulness Practice and Logs 

  • The ACE Model 

  • Diffusion - Getting Unstuck and Diffusion Techniques 

  • Suffering and Coping Strategies 

  • Acceptance vs. Avoidance 

  • Values and Value-guided Actions 

  • Personal and Cultural Values 


  • Enhance psychological flexibility, grow compassion for self, community, and nature, participate in social justice issues and advocacy  


  • Develop knowledge about HIV stigma stories and rules, anti-stigma strategies, and diffusion techniques. 

  • Gain insight on the value of mindfulness and learn how to perform it through solo practice or in a group. 

  • Enhance application of knowledge in community-based interventions. 

  • Organize community practice networking meetings for ongoing capacity building of CHAMP facilitators. 

  • Organize alliance joint training on new target communities’ issues. 

  • Organize CHAMP cross-cultural knowledge translation activities. 

  • Strengthen the capacity (skills, competencies, and abilities) of priority populations and target audiences to prevent infection and improve health outcomes by engaging affected community stakeholders to advance HIV prevention and care initiatives. 



  • Anti-stigma training  

  • Understanding anti-oppression  

  • Support Groups 

  • One-on-One Support: Peer Support & General Support 


  • Language & Literacy Support 

For more information and registration:
+1 (416) 321 6582
+1 (416) 605 0752

Date Started June 2017    Date Ends March 2022

Funder Public Health Agency of Canada 

For CHAMP is implemented by 5 agency partners (CAAT, ACAS, APAA, ASAAP, & CSSP) serving 4 culturally diverse priority populations with ASAAP focusing on SAMEIC (South Asian, Middle Eastern, and Indo-Caribbean) living with, affected by, or at risk of HIV. 

Languages English, Hindi, Arabic, and Punjabi

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