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Heart to Heart



A unique one-year project with a family-centered approach to sexual health.

Heart to Heart aimed to develop a community-informed, community-driven sexual health education resource that is readily accessible to community members and community organizations to create more safe and open environments for discussion around the topics of sexual health.

The project began as one year needs assessment with an objective of understanding the needs and perspectives of South Asian youth and parents towards access to sexual health information and services through the following process:

  • South Asian youth were engaged in the needs assessment through focus groups, an online survey, and key informant interviews

  • Results from the youth needs assessment were shared with South Asian parents to gain their perspectives on this subject

  • A final report on the gaps and links between the sexual health information needs for youth and parents was developed


This report was utilized to develop sexual health education workshop toolkits for:

  • Youth

  • Parents and grandparents

  • Community organizations serving the South Asian community



Each workshop toolkit contained:

  • One language-specific sexual health video made by youth

  • Language-specific sexual health stories were written by youth

  • One PowerPoint presentation

  • One workshop manual

  • Workshop handout for the participants

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